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Kohtang Mayaguez Wall Clock Battery Kohtang Mayaguez After Action DVD from 16 mm film transfer
5" 2020                          3.5" 2022
  Not Forgotten Patch   Las Vegas Reunion Patch
$10                                  $5 each
Black Clock  After Action Recordings - Data DVD
$30 $15
Kohtang Mayaguez 14 inch decal for RVs and Campers Kohtang Mayaguez 6 Inch Decal Back to Koh Tang 2000 DVD Kohtang Mayaguez After Action DVD
6" or 14" Decals "Fallen Brothers" 6" or 14" Logo Decal Return to Koh Tang 2000 DVD  After Action Recordings - Data DVD
$6 or $20 $6 or $20 $15 $15
  Kohtang Mayaguez Embroidered Recovery Patch 3 inch Kohtang Mayaguez Embroidered Recovery Patch 8 inch Koh Tang Mayaguez Purple Heart Patch from Kohtang
Koh Tang Can Koozie
$5 each 
3" Embroidered Mayaguez Recovery Patch 8" Embroidered Mayaguez Recovery Patch Purple Heart Patch from Koh Tang
  $3 $15 $8
Kohtang Mayaguez Vet T Shirts in L XL XXL and XXXL
 T-Shirts available in
Embroidered Beige USMC
Koh Tang Vets Hat
Embroidered Beige Air Force
Koh Tang Vets Hat

Embroidered Beige Navy
Koh Tang Vets Hat

L XL $20     2&3X $24 $20 $20 $20
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Forever Coin
 Front and Back
$15 for the coin
$15 for the coin
14 Hour War
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2012 Reunion Coin
Medals Earned
$15 for the coin
2014 Reunion Coin
$15 for the coin
2016 Reunion Coin
Soldiers Cross
$15 for the coin
2018 Reunion Coin
Bring them Home
$15 for the coin
.2022 Reunion Coin
$15 for the coin

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