Koh Tang / Mayaguez Veterans Beach Club Contacts

For the most complete list of known participants and associate members of the Koh Tang Beach Club, contact Fred Morris

Here is the current Participation list in PDF format. 

Download your Membership Application Form here.

If you have knowledge and can help fill in the blanks on the list, email the information to kohtangmorris@kohtang.com You also may mail it also to: Fred Morris, 208 Grand Blvd. Evansdale, IA 50707

Contacts and Officers


President: TOM NOBLE

Telephone: (812) 636-8002 
Postal address: 203 North Grove St Odon IN 47562  
E-Mail: tnoble68@outlook.com   




Vice President: John Steiert

Telephone: (417) 882-3293
Postal address:  4026 S Cutler Ct  Springfield MO 65807
E-Mail: johnsteiert@missouristate.edu



Past President: DON RAATZ

Telephone:  (702) 460-3371
Postal address:  9102 Alta #1104, Las Vegas NV 89145
E-Mail: draatz1@cox.net


Treasurer / Fred Morris

Telephone: (319) 234-3147
Postal address: 208 Grand Blvd. Evansdale, IA 50707
E-Mail: kohtangmorris@kohtang.com


Secretary: Dan Hoffman

Telephone: (803) 422-6842
Postal address: 6 Paperbark Ct.  Columbia, SC 29209
E-Mail: kohtangdan@gmail.com



Director: Dan Deleuw

Telephone (831) 254-7788
 Postal address: 29 Ridgecrest Dr Scotts Valley CA 95066
E-Mail dandeleuw@gmail.com

Director: Ron Scott

Telephone: (956) 525-1868
Postal address: 115 Winter Haven Ln, Brownsville TX 78526
E-Mail: scottron875@gmail.com


Director: Richard Francis

Telephone: (586) 344-9052
Postal address: 3873 Patterson Rd.  Elmira, MI 49730 
E-Mail: ricfrancis58@gmail.com   


Beach Club Store Manager: Jerome Wemitt

Telephone:    (903) 360-0863
Postal address: 580 County Rd 279, Tyler, TX 75705
E-Mail: heywere2@yahoo.com


Kohtang Beach Club and Web Master and Site Founder:
Larry Barnett

Telephone:  (937) 215-3536
Postal address:  702 E Northern Ave., Springfield OH 45503
E-Mail: lbarnett777@gmail.com

Send mail to Webmaster Fred Morris kohtangmorris@kohtang.com  with questions or comments about this web site.


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