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Items of general interest to  Koh Tang / Mayaguez Veterans.

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Valley of the Jolly Green Giant Home The Jolly Greens website of the helicopter crews who saved our bacon
Mayaguez Fallen Heros Website    
  Gerald E Ford Library, direct link to National Security Council minutes from 5/12/75-5/15/75

Drill Sergeant Hassna's History Corner

Final Chapter of the Vietnam War. An article written, bluntly, by Drill Sgt Hassnas.
  Taipei Times. A May, 1999 article by Kine outlining how the "local boys" handled the Marine invasion of their island. An interesting BUT BS viewpoint of the affair, as told by the ex-enemy to an Asian reporter covering the anniversary. Air and Space Power Journal. Written By Dr John Guilmartin. Everybody knows how I feel about his writings. Another good read
 The Kiss of Henry Blistering article written by Christopher Hitchens in April of 2001 with the focus on Kissingers handling of the Mayaguez Crisis  CBS News Article. This link will take you to an article done by Vince Gonzales a reporter for CBS January 25, 2001. It also has a video, well worth a look.
Gary Hall A local city's efforts to salute one of the heroes of Koh Tang.   National Liberty Ship Memorial  S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien.  This is where the stuff (Bunk and desk) from the SS Mayaguez was donated and will be on display.   
 John Parks' Remembrance Page a site dedicated to POW/MIA Soldiers Excellent article done on Richard Vandegeer on the Arlington Cemetery web site.
  List of all information currently held at the Gerald R. Ford Library.   A site dedicated to Joseph Hargrove.
Interview done with Lt. Dan Hoffman by Purdue University.   New US DOD Article done August 27, 2007.
2nd Battalion 9th Marines Network entitled Hell in a Helmet   3rd Marine Division Association
Where is Joe Michael Hargrove's site Where's Joe    

The  Mayaguez Fallen Heroes

Mayaguez Fallen Heroes page

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